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I grew up in Northern Michigan, the most beautiful part of the world, as far as I am concerned. I was one of many kids, my life was fairly choatic as it is in big families but there were two consistencies in my life: my love for dogs and my love of the water be it an ocean, lake or stream...

Flash forward many years with a variety of life and work experiences, some successful others we will skip over for now. I was no longer enthralled with running a plastics business, the lack of human contact and good nature had been eroding from this venture for a few years. I went to the beach with my family to try and figure out what next...

While staring at the majestic blues of the ocean, I saw a child on a paddleboard. He was clumsily handling the board in a manner than reminded me of our youngest Labrador Retreiver, Windsor. The proverbial bolt of lightening hit me that this could work..a lab on a paddleboard? Heck, yes.

Thus Harbor Boys Apparel was born. Our mission is to provide the highest quality and softest shirts that you will ever wear while being fun and stylish to boot.